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We work hard towards making sure our clients receive the best finance services for all their property financing needs

Colmore Finance

Every case is different, which is why our services are created to match your specific requirements. At Colmore Finance we take the time to discuss your individual needs to ascertain exactly how we can help. With a wealth of experience in structured finance, we understand how to build deals that work best for you.

We tailor your application to highlight the key selling points to the lenders, ensuring that these points are taken into account when assessing your application. By taking the necessary time to enhance the presentation of your application, we provide you with the best possible chance in obtaining the funding you require.

Throughout the process, we continuously update you and are happy to liaise with all relevant parties on your behalf. This will ensure that there are no unnecessary delays and that your deal is constructed in the shortest possible time.

We offer impartial advice and guarantee that you receive quotes from the whole of market. With no ties to any particular lenders we are free to present you with the deal that best suits your needs, rather providing restricted results from a limited pool of lenders. Our contacts in the industry allow us to find packages that may not be offered anywhere else.

At Colmore Finance we look after your deal from initial contact all the way through to securing lending, this ensures that there are no avoidable delays or errors in the application.

Our Offices

Our Offices in Birmingham

Based in the heart of West Midlands, we service clients within the region and all over the UK with technology enabling us to collaborate with colleagues and clients efficiently.

We’d Love to Work With You

We work with all types of introducers and offer competitive commission share for all work introduced to us. We will keep you updated throughout your clients cases.