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Case Study: Out-of-the-box thinking found a quick solution.

Small five unit MUFB was declined by lender as one unit was under 25m2 . Out-of-the-box thinking found a quick solution.

Property type: Multi-Unit Freehold Block

Location: Edgware, London

Product: Small MUFB 2 Year Fixed


Our broker reached out to a specialist BTL lender, as our client was experiencing challenges with a five-unit Multi-Unit Freehold Block (MUFB) in Edgware. A lender had declined the MUFB as one unit was under 25m2 . He hoped we could quickly find a solution, as he needed the case to complete as soon as possible.

Our solution

Like the previous lender, units under 25m2 are also outside of the lenders policy. However, after discussing the case with their underwriting team a solution was found. The lender was able to exclude the unit from the valuation and the client would still receive the full amount. All parties were happy and agreed to move forward.


By thinking on our feet the lender was able to make an offer and complete the case quickly. Both the client and the broker were thrilled with the lenders service and how they went the extra mile.

The service from the lender was superb and they seem to go the extra mile by thinking outside the box. For example, they have accepted a retype of a valuation from a previous lender who originally declined. This has saved time and money for the client.

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